Tuesday, February 4, 2014

in the desert

It's kind of dangerous to settle down. After 6th months spent in Cancun i've started getting too comfortable and planning a 3 months trip was making me feel a bit insecure of uncertainty of all that was going to happen. But as usual the desire to travel and explore is way bigger than any fears, all the "goodbyes" are said and we are on the way to see the real picture of the country.

The deserted scenery near San Luis Potosi reminds Hollywood movies about Mexico - cactuses and  big pick up trucks everywhere and men in sombrero are smoking cigarettes leaning to the walls of old buildings near the road. 
First day is quite relaxing and in the morning of the next day we head to the north to the magic village of Real de Catorce. It's amazing how the things synchronize when you really need certain experience, how you meet people you need to meet, how you get to know yourself through knowing the others, how you are able to feel that you are one with everything around and there are no limits to the things you can do. Desert in twilight, magic silence of those lands, animals appearing when the night descends, dark sky full of sparkling stars - all those moments are now deep in the heart. Mocho made this trip very special - not so often you find people who offer you their house knowing you for just half an hour and share the night with strangers talking till 4 a.m. about things you wouldn't have known otherwise.
Those moments when you feel that you are on the way to something magic, to some understanding that will change everything are very special and the desert certainly has some more lessons to teach. Soon we'll meet again..

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