Thursday, December 26, 2013


In all this postXmas and preNew year race, far from the familiar winter surroundings but still surrounded with "winterly" decorated palm trees and crazy russian tourists I don't know what holidays to celebrate anymore. Xmas is not really in our tradition, and the New year kind of loses its magic after being celebrated at the beach couple of years in a row.
So I guess the decicion to celebrate each and every day came automatically without even asking me for permission. And it kind of makes sense when you start seing the bigger picture with tons of turkeys being sold on 24th and Santa Clauses comming down on helicopter in the Hotel Zone in at least 5 hotels at the same time. And then will be the Three kings, and Valentines day with fluffy bears and hearts and roses, and 8th of march with men going crazy searching for flowers...and like this till the next "New Year". Very good commercial cycle, profits ensured.  Why only certain dates? why following those frames? Why not making every single day of your life worth celebration?

I've already started doing it today at the beach, right after work curing myself from flu not with paracetamol, but with an hour or two of my unprofessional but insanely happy surfing and buddy boarding attempts. Well, it's simply great to know that you can do those kind of things after work.

And now I close my eyes and see those perfectly breaking crystal clear waves and I know that some day I will ride them perfectly well...

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