Thursday, February 20, 2014

big city life...

Big city, like a big machine, absorbing you, draining your energy, making you dependent of things you don't really need. No air to breathe, too many people on the square meter, just the parks and some quiet barrios are like little islands of hope in the middle of the mess.

The good thing is that it's Mexico. It's something about people here that makes you fall in love with the country - like when you go to the public bathroom in the park and they find out you are Russian, you spend at least five minutes talking about Soviet Union before actually going to the bathroom; or when the old man explains you 5 times how to get to the metro by bus thinking you don't understand and in the end gets on the bus with you and pays for your ticket; or when you ask for the ride till metro station and  get a ride to your destination, and on Harley Davidson :) There is somethings about how artistic they are, how on almost every traffic light you see jugglers and fire show, how it's normal to say hi to unknown people on the street and "bless you" if anyone sneezes in the metro. 

Art is everywhere, but also now it becomes more clear why.  It is simply an escape from synthetic reality of the big city, the way to express yourself and let out the energy that gets accumulated, the replacement of nature that is impossible to avoid, otherwise you would go crazy.

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