Friday, February 28, 2014

Diving. In the sky

Oh, how long i was dreaming to try it? Three? Four? Five?How many years? Dreaming about flying, blue sky, this free fall sensation in the body...  And at some point dreams should come true.

"Ready? Up, Down, Outside!!" - and... at that moment you do forget about everything. Nothing really matters, it's just you, horizon, and your parachute. And instructor of course :)

And well, always climbing roofs and going on ziplines was a piece of cake,so I thought I was not afraid of heights, but it looks like somewhere on the subconscious level everyone is. Otherwise - why would I have that look on my face and this crooked position at the exit from the plane? It was not even fear, the fear kind of diminished after the 4th jump.  That was something different that makes you freeze once you are up there even though you've rehearsed your jump step by step around 20 times. Something that  keeps you very concentrated, too concentrated that you even forget to breeze from time to time and only seeing the video you realize that you almost went with head down instead of doing a beautiful arch position. From  what the experienced say those are survival instincts and the more you  practice the more you can manage them. So far that is the best example I've ever seen on how little control sometimes we have on the thing we use every day  - our own body.

But forget all this technical stuff. Yes, it is worth it.

It is worth it not only because of the way horizon looks from 4,5 km, not only because of the feeling that you can actually fly(which is a pretty damn good feeling), but also because it does feel good to do those little tests for yourself on "how far can I go outside of my comfort zone?" and confirm that you can; that you can overcome your fears, this irrational and unconscious anxiety, and just look outside, feel the wind and actually make this step.

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