Saturday, September 7, 2013

A day on the island

Its great to travel with friends, with family, with someone you love, but there is something about solo travelling that makes me not wanna change it for anything else..

This moment when you just come to the place and let the feelings guide you around is precious. You dont need to plan in advance, you dont need a lot of money, not even a map, just a bit of knowledge of the local language and some courage that will take you to the places you would not have seen otherwise.
I couldn't dream of a better day off then the one this week turning out to be a 14 kilometer return trip on an old bike to Punta Sur, the edge of the Isla Mujeres island.

Wow, its getting quite windy here and looks like the dark blue that is over Cancun now is moving this way. The wind is so strong that if you put you body against it and lean forward a bit, it's able to hold you and you feel like you are flying. And what can be more precious then standing at the edge of the island with the salty wind blowing in your face and enormous waves breaking down there? Well, maybe a  ride back in the pouring rain and a sea view with perfect for my stupid-beginner-surfer level waves.. Or a little stop at the beach on the way and getting in the warm ocean with pelicans flying around.. Or playing with the cuttest black dog that came over to see what this crazy girl on the bike is doing here?

And soaking wet entering the awesome Pita Amore place..

"did you get wet?"- the guys from the table next to me..
"oh, really, did i?"
"if you want i can bring you a t shirt, and i dont care if you give it back :)"

wow, appreciate it..

"would you like to order?"
"yes, one veggie pita please"
"oh, are you Sasha? Ricardo told that he met you couple of hours ago.. The wine is on the house"

The life is full of little surprises and awesome people, you just need to believe that those are the ones that will come your way.

Couldnt expect the better ending of the day then the ride to the plastic bottle island that i've read about in WIKI a couple of months ago and was so impressed with. 

It is real! and Richart lives there! very artistic, very sustainable, worth seing and mabe making one like that :)

Thank you world for this.