Friday, September 13, 2013


For some reason i've started paying a lot of attention to the signs recently. The unviverse always sends something our way, we can ignore it, or we can be a bit more careful and thanks to those little signs make our way on this planet a bit more consious. I bet that the image of St George that was under my right foot during the 3 floors elevator ride must definitely mean something.

He is on the hourse defeating a snake. What would that be? My roommate is convinced that we interpret the signs the way we want and depending on our way of thinking we give them one meaning or another. Well, makes sense, and the interpretation that i've found on the internet and that made sense to me was that snake means the Ego, and the whole picture is about defeating your Ego.

Apparently Mexico is a very good place for practicing that. A lot of misunderstanding and misinterpretations come from the fact that our ego is so boosted that even a small thing is able to offend us. Even at work it's easily noticeable. No, they don't do those things to insult you, or to make you feel bad. It's just how this culture is and the people of this culture are used to work in their own way. And comming from Russia the first reaction on the poor excursion plan or on making you wait for 2 hours would be: omg, it's so disrespectful! Of course there shoud be some effort from both sides, but personally for me it's a very good lesson on patience and resilience.

It's been about two months since i'm here and another thing that i've noticed is that all this time i was in the state of waiting. Waiting till i get my documents, till i move to the new appartment, till i learn something about Mexico so that I can share it with tourists, till this till that.What i've realised yesterday and what i've felt from the inside is that recently i've unconciously changed the mode from Waiting to Inspired and being in Now and taking things as they are feels way much better. It's always like this in life - we are waiting for something and with that internal feeling we can't truly enjoy the present moment. We can, but not a 100 % because on the back of our mind we always have this nagging "and after that i will do..".
I love this current state of being in present - yes, some plans and dreams here and there don't hurt and it's necessary to have them to assure that you are going where you want to be going. What is not healthy is getting too much into planning because living the moment is what makes life so great.

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