Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2 per day

Strange enough, but lately the interesting thoughts come with the frequency of 2 per day. The most valuable for me end up here with the intention to share and not to lose them in this slightly disorganized flow of people and places that i am experiencing at the moment.

Thought number one:

With the work in tourism i came to notice that we usually have our answers prepared to the most number of questions we get from other people. Questions like:

- How long have you been living here?
- What is the salary?
- Are you staying here forever?
- So, how does the profession of shaman work?
- Woow, those sea turtles are so huuuge! how long do they live?

And this list includes about a 100 questions more and about a 100 more standard answers. And not only at work, but in the real life it keeps repeating. You meet new people and very rare the conversation starts from something different. Don´t you sometimes wish to say something strange instead of the standard answer just to see the face of the person and to make it a bit more fum? I think i am gonna do this experiment in the next few days :)

Though number two.

This is not entirely my own thought, but i keep thinking on this aspect more and more with time. All the people we meet in life work as our mirrors. Like magnifying mirrors. Destiny will put us together with those who have certain traits of character similar to yours but 10 times more developed so that you can observe them from the outside and decide if you want to keep this trait for yourself or not really. For some reason it happens even more in the male-female relationships which always provokes the intention from one side to change the other. In the reality it´s always yourself that need to be changed or worked upon.

P.S. and the little tradition that i´ve created for myself a couple of years ago goes on.. Macedonia, Dominican  Republic, India.. now i´ll celebrate a Bday in Mexico.. which one would be next? ;)

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