Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Starry starry night...

It's lovely on the roof, you feel like you can almost touch those thick white clouds that are slowly crowling through the night sky and just a distant sound of ambulance reminds that you are still in the city.

It's been a turbulent month, the last one. Going from fluffy pink-i-love-it-all state to wtf-is-going-on and i-dont-care mode was pretty challenging but the inner peace is getting back so i am able to write again.

A lot of questions were passing by through this head recently, a lot of dilemmas to solve, a lot of things to consider.

Would I ever be able to stop or will I always want to go somewhere new after 3 months of being in one place? How can i wait longer if after some calculations it turned out that to live in each country of the world for at least 3 months would take about 30 years? Is it right to sell your time for money to be able to afford the things or experiences you want to or is it equal to prostitution that is considered to be so wrong?

Four months have passed from 12 planned to spend here and I hope those 8 that are left will bring the answers my way.
And if not I hope by the time my immigration card expires I will have enough courage to say: Hello, world, I am a traveller, let's get to know each other better ;)

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