Friday, November 8, 2013

all the world for those waves

I guess I am still learning a great deal here..It's 10 p.m.,  night sky is full of starts and lonely trucks are passing by the road. We are parked and waiting till 11 to start picking up tourists from hotel for the airport transfer. We enter to the second hotel and it feels that we ran into the gang of football hoolingas who've accidentally noticed the opposite team fans. Only five minutes of smiling, "yes, i understand you, sir", and  tons of verbal shit pouring at you and everyone calm and greatful is on the way to the airpot.

Yes, i am still learning a great deal here, and the biggest lesson of all NOT TO TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY is a treasure that I am taking with me and really want to share with all the lucky ones who´ve happened to work in service industry.

It is just so funny to see how some tourists are comming here with this "you know who are you dealing with?" attitude, how some of them seriously think you can control the weather, mexican mentality or solve all their psycological traumas from childhood. Probably at  every job dealing with people it is similar, but what surprises me here is that it looks like 12 hours distance away from  the motherland  makes people take of their masks and you can see them the way they really are with all the emotions on the surface.
And i can only picture how those who were the bravest here will come to their offices and wait quietly for the next vacation to express themselves.

Afterall, it was worth it. A deserved day off after all those night adventures started with a rainy morning and wispered gently that the waves were waiting. And they were, and they were perfect  - crystal clear, not too strong, smooth, breaking really fine near the shore. It was like being a child  - already supertired and red eyed after one hour still getting in over and over again, non stop. A thrilling orange-pink-violet sunset was like a little hint that it was a time to stop. But those two waves, taken all by myself...couldnt be more happy :)

Some beer with new friends and a first dreadlock in my hair... i love those kind of unexpected weekends... they are like a little travels without really travelling...

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