Monday, August 26, 2013

So far so good

"Paddle,Paddle, you go!!" - those sweetest words on saturday afternoon and the sensation of taking my first waves without anyone pushing or holding the board are  overwhelming. Oh, those moments when your eyes are a size of a 5 peso coin, you've been thrown in and out, have drinken couple of liters of salty water, have some  bruises already but you still want to go in and try to take one more wave, because it's damn worth it.

It surprizes me so much to hear tourists saying: "wow, you speak 3 languages, don't you wanna go to Moscow and get a good job there?". Get a "good job" to spend 3 hours a day on the way to work and get only 28 days a year to travel and see the ocean? No, thanks, i'll pass.

I feel like the week is a month long here, just because there are so many events that simply wouldn't fit in one blogpost. What to write about - a local sauna with shaman ritual or a helicopter ride over the islands? Or maybe about the night spent on the beach watching stars and weird flying objects? Or about the rain approaching Cancun and the most wonderful beach in the area turning competely dark in 5 minutes? Or about riding ziplines and offroad buggies as part of the job? I feel like it's just the beginning and the list will be only growing, at least for the next couple of months.

"Do what you like like what you do" - that phrase does make sence and i wish all the people who are still sitting in the office hating their job and saying "oh, i wish i could do the same, but..." would take the "but" out of the vocabulary.

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