Saturday, July 6, 2013

on the road again

New chapter in life, new blog that i'll try to update more often.

The inspiring posters on blurry background say - to be happy try to stay close to the things that make you feel alive...True
Some people need to have a place they call home, for me it's extremely important to move - my backpack, good music, warm wind in the face, that's the happiness.

I made a promise to myself that after i get the drivers lisence i'll be out of my hometown. And I was, and it was amazing - ants everywhere, small salary, 24/7 work with little interruptions for sleep,  but the summercamp for kids is really worth it. It's worth it because of the nature aroud, because of those 66 eyes looking at you when u're scolding them, those pictures they draw, those "please tell us a fairy tale before we fall asleep",  those "professor, let's play with us, pleeeeeease". It gives you energy nothing else can give.

This energy was well used for the crazy trip St Pete-Moscow-Kiev-Odessa(Black SEA!!)-Belarus-Moscow-St Pete- Finland- Pskov.

The sea is always magnificent, especially when it's glowing with light pink and purple in those 30 minutes before the sun starts going down, and it doesn't matter if it's Caribbean or dear to heart and almost not salty Black sea. And seeing dolphines splashing 15 meters away from the shore is indescribable..

And the road always brings along the characters i'd never meet if i wouldn't be travelling. 

Like on the train from the camp to St Pete:

-May I help you with your backpack? And by the way, there are 11 minutes left till the train to the music fest in the forest, would you go with me? 
-Errhh, I was going to St Petersburg, cuz tomorrow is my train to Moscow i've to catch, and i'd like to sleep well before...and i don't have a sleeping bag...and no tent... fest? forest?bonfire?allrigh, let's go!

Or like in Kiev walking around:

- Excuse me, do you know how to reach that church?
- No, but I have a map (Actually a fancy touristic map :P )
- Oh, maybe we could go together?
- Fine, more people, more fun (and not everyday you so randomly meet a saxophone player who worked on the cruise ships and is opening his own orchestra now).

Or like in this little village in Ukraine near the Black Sea:

Young lady carrying the fridge all by herself to my room: "hey, finally someone young and without kids here, let's go out together ;)"
And we did, and finished the bottle of delicious ukranian sherry and this lady turned out to be a single mother raising 2 daughters in her little village, taking care of her 4 cows and a bull in the morning and working as a nurse in the afternoon. Ah, and also she practices martial arts...

And the final kick was on the train back to Moscow:

-Hello, I am specialising on coaching programs that change lives.
-Nice to meet you, I'm Sasha.

It's like this magic flow have started again - flow of people, adventures, little things that make you smile every day. This is what makes me feel alive, this is what makes me understand that life is damn good. And new adventure is about to come, i just need to book the tickets.

P.S. I almost know nothing about Mexico yet, except they have pretty good burritos and tacos and that there are pyramids of Mayas not so far away from Cancun.
I'm gonna be a tourguide there ;)

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