Sunday, July 28, 2013

adventure goes on

"Amiga, tengo un rancho, con caballos, tengo mango, aguacate, te gustan los caballos?" - says completely drunk official sitting next to me on the night bus back home from the beach. 

It's been exactly 2 weeks since I stepped on the land of quesadillas and chille and so far it is great. Of course there are some small bugs as at any work, but even the fact that I can be reading and  talking about ancient rituals and cultures and get paid for it is quite exciting.

There is this human habit that is very hard to fight - we tend to compare, everything. How much this, how much that, here it is like this and there it was like that, and usually decision on wether you like smth or not is born in comparison. I couldn't avoid it, and I am still wondering at what point i'll stop making parallels with DR. But the good thing about it is that i've already found replacements to most of my favourite places(the Dominican friends will understand when i say i've found my Duarte con Paris, Zona Colonial and Macao here), so it does feel very comforting.

It's just been two weeks, but with all the excurions from the company, my solo trips to the nearest beaches, meeting mexican families, every day visits to park with fireshow it feels like it's been at least couple of months.

And yet there are so many things to see and to discover, in Cancun, in Yucatan, the whole country is a mystery on its own, with all the different states, traditions, dialects, shamans, it looks like a year might not be enough... Step by step

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