Monday, July 15, 2013

first day in Mexico

The unexplored places do have some magic.

I’ve never thought of how Greenland would look like, and wow - it was like we were flying over some other planet – huge pieces of ice floating in the sea, snow covered mountains, crystal clear blue rivers and bright green! lakes. Maybe that’s why it’s called Greenland?  I’d happily google it, but the internet signal stolen from neighbors is just enough to update fb and check the e-mail.

So, the Mexican adventure has started with a 1,5 hour  line at the passport control, a sip of southern humid air and the driver who presented himself as Julio Patron “Narkobaron”(=drug diller, apparently a joke of some drunk Russian tourist).
Almost no food and at least 4 showers a day - that’s my normal reaction to the hot country.  And of course on the first day i just have to get out of the appartment and start walking in the direction that feels like the right one.
“What?? You’ve walked all the way till here?”-  I do tend to get such questions most of the time I’m in foreign countries. Here was not an exception. Guys, it’s just Russia is pretty big and the big distance in Russia and big distance anywhere else is a different story, though it would be nice to get a car at some point.

I've met iguana, it smells like flowers here and you have red blooming flamboyan and “Danger, crocodiles” signs everywhere around lagoon. There are almost more tourists then locals in the local buses and to my sirprise no good coffee in the supermarket. The Mirador is amazing - 6 km of the white sand beach with nice big waves and people camping there. Also i've found the open air gym and a surf school, so the first walk was pretty productive.

And i'd better go to sleep, cuz there are tons of information about Mexican history and culture that are about to enter my head.

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